Landome Houses
PROCON ENGINEERING has applied its ideas of sustainability to reality, patenting a model of bioclimatic housing that takes advantage of natural conditions to reduce energy needs.
It is a new concept of home and way of life in which the house is completely integrated into the natural environment. They are bioclimatic homes that only through their architectural configuration are able to meet the climatic needs of their inhabitants.

It consists of a modular system formed by materials that provide thermal insulation and structural resistance. With this constructive system a fireproof, hydrophobic housing with proven anti-seismic resistance is achieved, in the wind and over time.

With this innovative system, acoustic, gas and dust emissions are reduced during its execution. In turn, this system increases safety and health conditions during the execution of works, reduces deadlines and therefore costs. It uses non-polluting energies through photovoltaic solar installation.

This building offers easy transportation to any destination due to the modulation of the designed panels. It is suitable for any climate and use. High environmental quality inside. Integrated in the landscape Solid construction, high durability and comfort at a good price.

Solid construction and high durability in a home at minimum cost
Design y Concept
A fusion of design and efficiency. A concept of home and way of life in which the house is integrated into the natural environment.

Landome is based on a patented design and construction system, consisting of the mechanical placement of already manufactured modules. This material is coated with sprayed concrete, leaving a strong structure in a curved shape with a perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

It is designed to withstand the degradation and natural hazards: it is anti-earthquake, wind resistant, highly durable and requires little maintenance.

The lines of its design are unique. Its space, circular, intimate and balanced, positively affects its occupants.

Bioclimatic housing capable of satisfying the climatic needs of its inhabitants, through the use of non-polluting energies, such as the photovoltaic solar installation and the rainwater harvesting system.

Their high degree of insulation makes them suitable for any climate and use, even under extreme temperatures. They increase the interior environmental quality, creating a feeling of comfort and isolation with the exterior.

Solidity, durability and efficiency at a minimum cost.
Construction System
Patented Innovation
El sistema y los materiales optimizan las condiciones de seguridad y salud durante la ejecución de las obras, reducen los plazos y, por tanto, los costes.

The system and the materials optimize the safety and health conditions during the execution of the works, reduce the deadlines and, therefore, the costs.
The Landome houses have an efficient and economical design, arranged in an enveloping, comfortable and compact way, as well as simple and modular, giving it ease of assembly and possibility of mass production. Its construction consists of the modulation of panels that shape the home.

– Compact, simple and modular structure.

– Very easy to assemble.
– Reinforced concrete foundation.
– Shotcrete enclosure.


– Reduction of the execution period.
– Cost reduction.
– Stable manufacturing conditions.
– Option to join several modules.
– Personalization of interior distribution.
– Export capacity.
– Seismic resistance.
– Great resistance to the wind.
– Durability
– Little maintenance.

From the Project
to the infrastructure
Landome has a multidisciplinary engineering team to carry out all types of projects related to the water, energy and transport sectors.

It is capable of developing not only Landomes and their surroundings, but also the necessary facilities and infrastructures.

– Territorial planning. 
– Roads and other means of communications. 
-Installations: electrical, wastewater treatment, water supply 
– Ports and airports. 

Among the potential clients for our activity are the United Nations Development Program, which is listed as a provider of Technical Assistance services in Engineering, Urban Planning, Architecture and Consultancy for the execution of works on the development of the different territories.

We work according to an integrated Quality System, having the following certificates of international recognition.