PROCON ENGINEERING has a long history of proposing innovative solutions with high added value for users.

From PROCON ENGINEERING we have developed projects in all the infrastructures associated with the roads: bridges, tunnels, ring roads, roundabouts, links, improvement of the layout and stretches of highway from the completion of preliminary projects, layout projects, construction, works management and technical assistance specialized.

Our services in this category include:

– Viability, feasibility and costs studies.
– Traffic studies.
– Drainage studies.
– Studies of environmental impact and landscape integration.
– Topographic survey.
– Conceptualization and preliminary draft.
– Procedures with organisms.

– Projects for the layout of roads, highways and motorways.
– Projects of ring roads, roundabouts and links.
– Projects of bridges and footbridges.
– Tunnel projects and underpasses.
– Projects of intelligent systems of transport (ITS), control and management of urban traffic, interurban, tunnels, toll systems and parking.
– Earth movements.
– As-Built Projects.
– 3d modeling.

Construction management
– Control and Supervision of the works.

– Conservation and maintenance.
– Manuals.

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