PROCON ENGINEERING has managed to be one of the leading engineering companies in the hydraulic sector thanks to its extensive experience in the development of hydraulic projects throughout the world.

Our services in this category include:

– Viability, feasibility and costs studies.
– Hydrological and Hydraulic Studies.
– Flood studies.
– Studies of environmental impact and landscape integration.
– Topographic survey.
– Conceptualization and preliminary draft.
– Procedures with organisms.

– Ground and suface water abstraction
– Drinking water supply networks.
– Drinking water treatment plants (DWTP).
– Pumping stations and drinking water impulsion.
– Water tanks and fire protection systems.
– As-Built Projects.
– 3d modeling.

Construction management
– Control and Supervision of the works.

– Maintenance and exploitation manual.
– Consumption and efficiency audits.