Environmental Requirements for Suppliers and Subcontractors



With this document it comes to the knowledge of suppliers/subcontractors who carry out Works for PROCON NERIUM, S.L., the mínimum requirements that must comply in relation to environmental protection and pollution prevention.


General requirements

At all times the supplier is required to comply with the environmental legislation to the service is being provided.


  • The supplier will guarantee the proper management and control of  waste, air emissions, noise, waste effluents, hazardous products, soil affectation and maintenance of facilities, of the service provided. And if necessary, train and inform your staff about management and control.
  • The supplier should apply the necessary preventive measures (retention bunds, absorbents…) in order to avoid hazardous or emergency situations (spills, leaks, fires…) during the realization of the assigned work. And if necessary, train and inform your staff about handling.
  • The supplier must provide the environmental documentation requested or required, and in case your staff need training, the record of it.